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American media grants on climate and sea-level rise

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Washington, 16.07.2020, 13:15 Uhr
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Washington [ENA] The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) is accepting proposals for story grants including climate or conservation, water quality and sustainability, sea-level rise and coastal restoration. According to SEJ grants of up to US$ 2,500 per individual and US$5,000 for teams or news outlet projects are awarded on a rolling deadline basis. Application fees for non-SEJ members are US$40 but could be waived.

SEJ is an American non-profit journalism organization created by and for journalists who report environmental topics in the news media. Winning projects are selected by an independent jury of journalists based on newsworthiness, topical relevance, publication plan and track record of the applicant, among other factors. Eligibility Requirements determine that participants must be journalists, professors or students that are not employed to do any public relations work on environmental issues. Grantees retain full editorial control of the funded coverage and donors have no right of review and no influence on story plans made possible in part by their contributions, SEJ says.

Founded in 1990 by award-winning journalists including reporters, editors and producers working for The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, Turner Broadcasting, Minnesota Public Radio and National Geographic SEJ's present membership includes more than 1,500 journalists and academics working in every type of news media in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 43 other countries. SEJ’s mission is to strengthen the quality, reach and viability of journalism across all media to advance public understanding of environmental issues. As a non-profit organization, SEJ says it provides educational opportunities and vital support to journalists of all media who face the challenging responsibility of covering complex environmental issues.

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